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Master Brett Rigdon | Master Linda Roth
Master Darrel Rachow | Master Steve LaGarce

Master Chris Melson | Master Larry Carr | Master Rick Lowe
Mr. Chris Sinner | Master Werner Heizmann | Master Adam Bush
Mr. Mike Heizmann | Mr. Sean Brown | Mr. Glen Morris
WMAA Assistant Instructors


Master Brett Rigdon Black Belt

5th Degree Black Belt
Master Instructor

Master Brett Rigdon

  • 23 Years Training Experience
  • Jr. Olympic Tae Kwon Do Champion
  • Studied in Korea at the World Tae Kwon Do Headquarters
  • Received WTF Citation for Development of Tae Kwon Do
  • 1993-1996 1st Vice President Missouri Tae Kwon Do Association
  • Nationally Certified USTU Referee
  • Previously a United States Marshal with the Department of Justice
  • Other Interests: Chicago Bulls Fan


Ms. Linda Roth Black Belt

4th Degree Black Belt

  • 25 Years Training Experience
  • Junior Olympic Champion
  • 1984 Outstanding Female Athlete for the Ozark Region
  • 1993-1996 Secretary/Treasurer Missouri Tae Kwon Do Association
  • Trained in Korea
  • Met Dr. Un Young Kim, President of the World Tae Kwon Do Federation
  • Other Interests: Spending time with family and friends; movies; jigsaw puzzles
Ms. Linda Roth


Mr. Darrel Rachow Black Belt

4th Degree Black Belt

Mr. Darrel Rachow

  • 9 Years Training experience (1993)

  • WMAA Regional Director

  • Received Black Belt of the Year, Competitor of the Year awards

  • 2000-3rd Degree Black Belt

  • 1997-Jr. Nationals Competitor

  • 1995-Jr. Nationals Competitor

  • 1994-National Jr. Olympic Competitor

  • 1994-Missouri State Champion

  • Other Interests: Hockey and Reading


Mr. Steve LaGarce Black Belt

4th Degree Black Belt

  • 7 Years Training Experience
  • Director/Instructor for Hazelwood and Festus WMAA Schools
  • Previously Director/Instructor for Chesterfield WMAA Schools
  • Plans to continue training and advancing in rank
  • Other Interests: Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Car Racing, spending time with his wife, son and daughter
Mr. Steve LaGarce


4th Degree Black Belt

Mr. Chris Melson

  • Started training at World Martial Arts Academy in 1987

  • AT in Computer Networking Technology from Ranken Tech

  • BS in Computer Science with Minor in Web Development from Webster University

  • BA in Management from Webster University

  • Currently employed by Reuters ( as a Technical Support Specialist for financial data products

  • 10 time Missouri State Gold Medalist

  • Bronze Medalist at Junior Olympics


4th Degree Black Belt

  •  12 Years Training Experience

  • Received Outstanding Student, Outstanding Black Belt and Martial Arts Dedication award

  • Majored in History and Minored in Electronics

  • Occupation: Journyman Pipefitter, graduated from Caterpillar Tractor Company's Pipefitter Apprenticeship in 1982.

  • Life member of Alpha Phi Omega (National Service Fraternity)

  • Core dancer and demonstrator with the Highland Mist Scottish Country dancers

  • Other Interests: Amateur Radio Operator (license class extra and authorized examiner), Scottish Country Dancing

Mr. Larry Carr


Mr. Rick Lowe Black Belt

4th Degree Black Belt

Mr. Rick Lowe

  •  12 Years Training Experience

  • 1998 Black Belt of the Year, Outstanding Black Belt and Leadership award recipient

  • Occupation - Chemist with a B.S. of Science degree in Chemistry

  • Studying Taekwondo with my son who is also a Black Belt

  • Other Interests: Baseball, Basketball and spending time with family


Mr. Chris Sinner Black Belt

3rd Degree Black Belt

  • 8 Years Training Experience

  • Received Outstanding Student and Black Belt of the Year award

  • Graduation from Hickey college in 2001 and works for Sara Lee Bakery Group as an accountant

  • Other Interests: Movies, Basketball Playstation 2, Spending time with girlfriend and watching Kung Fu movies

Mr. Chris Sinner


Mr. Heizmann Black Belt

4th Degree Black Belt

Mr. Werner Heizmann

  • 12 Years Training Experience

  • Demonstration Team Member

  • Currently pursuing a Degree in Elementary Education

  • Other Interests: Paint Ball Games, Spending time with family


Mr. Adam Bush Black Belt

4th Degree Black Belt

  • 12 Years Training Experience

  • Black Belt of the Year award recipient

  • Attending DeSmet Jesuit High School

  • Other Interests: Rock Climbing, helping others and spending time with friends.

Mr. Adam Bush


Mr. Mke Heizmann Black Belt

3rd Degree Black Belt

Mr. Mike Heizmann
  • 12 Years Training Experience

  • Certified Referee

  • Cardio Karate Instructor


Mr. Sean Brown Black Belt

3rd Degree Black Belt

  • 7 Years Training Experience

  • Received outstanding leadership award

  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, with a minor in Mathematics

  • Other Interests: Bowling, Reading and Computer Programming


Mr. Sean Brown


Mr. Glen Morris Black Belt

3rd Degree Black Belt

Mr. Glen Morris
  • Training Since 1992

  • WMAA Webmaster

  • Outstanding Black Belt, Distinguished Excellence, Outstanding Leadership, Special Recognition award recipient

  • American Airlines Pilot

  • Other Interests: Computers, Golf, Aviation, and Motorcycles


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