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 Master Roth


Ms. Linda Roth

Master Linda Roth

How long been training in Taekwondo?

Actually, I don't remember a time in my life that martial arts hasn't played a role.  My father began studying Judo and Korean Karate lessons in his 30's.  By the time I was born he was already an instructor.  When I was only a toddler, my dad would take me along to his classes and I have seen home movies of myself learning how to tumble on the mat while I was still in diapers.  As far as formal training, I began Judo lessons first.  Judo was my father's first love.  One of my older sisters earned her black belt in Karate when I was about 9 years old.  I wanted to be like her.  I remember feeling very nervous about asking permission to stop taking Judo lessons and begin Korean Karate lessons.  Finally, I was allowed to begin the lessons. 

Ms. Linda Roth, Ms. Kohlfeld

What made you get interested in Taekwondo?

When I was studying Judo, the classes were very small and not many females participated.  Even when we traveled in and out of the state and participated in tournaments, I would compete against the same few girls.  Taekwondo was really becoming popular at that time.  My older sister was very good and one of the few female black belts in the state.  She competed with co-ed divisions and was very successful.  I couldn't wait to be just like her.

What accomplishments are you most proud of in Taekwondo?

It is hard to narrow down just one accomplishment.  Basically, my experience with Taekwondo has been on many different levels.  As a student of Taekwondo, I am proud to have dedicated the last 27 years of my life to the practice of the art and to have attained the rank of 4th Degree Black Belt.  As a competitor, I am proud to have competed all over this country and to have earned countless awards, medals and trophies.  As martial artist, I am proud of the life-long relationships and friendships I have established along the way.  As an instructor and school director, I've touched so many lives and hopefully positively influenced their paths.  I am also proud to have shared my knowledge of Taekwondo through our staff and team members.

What are your future goals relating to Taekwondo?

Professionally, to continue on the same current path striving to make our academy the best place for children and families to enjoy the art of Taekwondo.  Personally, to successfully fulfill and complete the requirements necessary to attain the next rank of 5th Degree Black Belt and the title of "Master".


Ms. Linda Roth

Linda & Sister
What should students look for in a good Taekwondo instructor?

Of course, an instructor should be personally knowledgeable of his/her art form but also have the ability to share that knowledge.  As an instructor, I believe it is important to display the characteristics of patience, humility, compassion, motivation, initiative and to be a positive influence as well as a good role model.

What should students look for in a Taekwondo school?

First, the longevity of the school along with the combined teaching credentials of the instructors.  Also, your feelings and impressions of your interaction with the staff. 

What can parents do to help their kids get more out of Taekwondo?

Encourage their children to attend on a regular basis.  Everyone's life gets busy from time to time and obstacles will present themselves.  Regular training is the best way to continue to grow and improve their techniques.  Be supportive; attend school functions and comment on and encourage their levels of improvement.

What words of guidance would you give someone whom just starting Taekwondo training?

Start in moderation.  Don't get overwhelmed.  To become a proficient martial artist and attaining the rank of black belt is a step-by-step day-by-day process.  Attend classes on a regular basis, during class give it your all and you will see and feel the results.


Dr. Un Yong Kim and Ms. Linda Roth
Dr. Un Yong Kim and Ms. Linda Roth
How did you get to meet Dr. Un Yong Kim and who is he?

Dr. Un Yong Kim is the President of the World Taekwondo Federation.  I had the honor of not only meeting Dr. Un Yong Kim but also his family.  He and his wife visited St. Louis to watch their daughter, a concert pianist, headline at the Powell Symphony Hall.  Grandmaster Rho invited me to attend the event along with he and his wife.  After the concert, we met back stage.  I was impressed to find Dr. Kim to be very personable, intelligent and multilingual.  It was quite an evening.   


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