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WMAA Student Handbook

Minimum Requirements for 8th Kup - Yellow First

1. Basic Hand and Foot Techniques

  • Riding horse stance: Side knife hand strike, face block
  • Kicking techniques from sparring stance: Roundhouse kick. Side kick, Out-in crescent kick
  • Blocking techniques: Double knife hand block, out-in middle block

2. Combination Kicking Techniques

  • Front snap kick/Roundhouse kick
  • Front snap kick/Side kick

3. Form - Basic form #2

4. One-Step Sparring - #3 & #4

  • #3 - LF step to left: RF side kick down into riding horse stance: RH knife hand strike to outside of neck (arm straight); turn backwards, strict stomach with L elbow.
  • #4 Stepping to the right side: Execute a RF Roundhouse kick to face.

5. Self-Defense - #3 & #4

  • #3 - Same side shoulder grab - RH going over attacker's RH and grabbing, turning your shoulder and attackers hand 90 degrees, pushing down with L elbow.
  • #4 - Opposite side shoulder grab - LH going over attacker's RH and grabbing thumb area with index finger, middle finger. and ring finger and grab pinky knuckle with thumb, turning counterclockwise with RH assisting.

6. Sparring

  • 3 step combination sparring (no contact, good control)

7. Breaking Technique - Ax kick

8. General Knowledge

  • The Korean term for "Master Instructor" is "Kwan Jang Nim".
  • The Korean term for "Instructor" is '"Sa Beom Nim".
  • The respectful way to sit during Tae Kwon Do practice Is with your legs crossed and your hands resting on your knees.


"Without patience, there is no victory."

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