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WMAA Student Handbook

Minimum Requirements for Recommendation Black Belt

1. Basic Hand and Foot Techniques

  • Riding horse stance: Down block-double punch/middle block-double punch/face block-double punch, Down block & in-out block (opposite sides)
  • Kicking techniques from sparring stance: 360 spin side kick, Jump spin hook kick
  • Blocking techniques: Knife hand block/elbow strike/back fist/middle body punch, fingertip strike/spin back fist

2. Combination Kicking Techniques

  • Roundhouse kick/360 spin side kick (same leg)
  • Sliding roundhouse kick/back leg roundhouse kick

3. Form - Tae Geuk Chil Jang

  • plus review Tae Geuk Oh Jang & Tae Geuk Uke Jang

4. One-Step Sparring - #19 & #20

  • #19 - LH knife hand block to punch and with RF stepping forward, right elbow strike to face. RH grabs attacker's hand: With RF step across opponent's RF, turn your body backwards and at same time, turn opponent's arm upside down: Left elbow to stomach and left backfist to face.
  • #20 - LF steps to outside of opponent's RF: LH knife hand block to punch, LH foes behind opponent's beck pulling head down to right elbow (smash), LH slides down opponent's right arm and RH foes behind neck pulling them down and right knee to stomach, push down with RH and with RF inside to outside crescent kick then with LF sweep down falling to ground at same time and RF roundhouse kick to face.

5. Self-Defense- #19 & #20

  • #19 - Front bear hug - RF stepping back, knee attack, R index finger to pressure point I inch below Adams apple.
  • #20 - Behind hug above waist - RH grabbing attacker's index finger, turning clockwise, pulling down on attacker's index finger.

6. Sparring

  • 1 on 1  &  1 on 2

7. Breaking Technique- Jump spin heel kick - 1 board, Jump spin side kick - 2 boards

8. Report - History of Tae Kwon Do

9. General Knowledge

  • Each martial art has its own history and cultural background. The differences between Karate, Kung Fu & Tae Kwon Do are as follows: Karate is a Japanese form of self-defense that emphasizes hand techniques. Kung-Fu is a Chinese form of self-defense that is Softer than Karate and Tae Kwon Do. Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial art of self-defense that stresses foot and hand techniques.
  • The theory of power in Tae Kwon Do can be explained through the basic fundamentals of physical balance, proper technique, speed and the action-counter twist principles.


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