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WMAA Student Handbook

Minimum Requirements for 4th Kup Blue First

1. Basic Hand and Foot Techniques

  • Riding horse stance: Double punch/double elbow strike, Double knife hand block, single knife hand strike
  • Kicking techniques from sparring stance: Double roundhouse kick, Spin side kick
  • Combination techniques: Single knife hand block-back stance/reverse punch, double knife hand block spin double knife hand block

2. Combination Kicking Techniques

  • Side kick/one step flying side kick
  • Double roundhouse kick/double side kick

3. Form - Tae Geuk Sam Jang

4. One-Step Sparring- #11 & #12

  • #11 - Step with LF into riding horse stance: (at same time) RH (closed fist) inside to outside block and stomach punch with LH, then double punch: with RH knife hand to punch knocking it down: then with RF, inside to ouside crescent kick.
  • #12 - With RF, outside to inside crescent kick (knocking punch away) then with same foot, side kick to face.

5. Self-Defense - #11 & #12

  • #11 - Same side wrist grab - turning under attacker's R arm, LH knife hand strike to rib cage.
  • #12 - Opposite side wrist grab - LH palm coming over attacker's hand and grabbing, turning clockwise, with 4 fingers pushing down on attacker's R forearm, RF stepping back.

6. Sparring Good control

7. Breaking Technqiue- Flying side kick

8. General Knowledge

  • To bow to one another in Tae Kwon Do signifies a greeting and mutual display of respect.
  • A few benefits from the practice of Tae Kwon Do are self-confidence, physical fitness, stress reduction, and self-discipline.


"Be careful of your goals because you are likely to achieve them."


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