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WMAA Student Handbook

Minimum Requirements for 5th Kup - Blue Belt

1. Basic Hand and Foot Techniques

  • Riding horse stance: Knife hand strike/Knife hand block, 45 degree angle punch (low, middle, high)
  • Kicking techniques from sparring stance: Out-in ax kick, Sliding hook kick
  • Combination techniques: Double knife hand strike/Double palm strike, Out-in middle block/spin back fist

2. Combination Kicking Techniques

  • Sliding side kick, sliding hook kick
  • Front snap kick, jump front snap kick

3. Form - Tae Geuk EE Jang

4. One-Step Sparring - #9 & #10

  • #9 - LF inside to outside crescent kick to punch: RF roundhouse kick to face.
  • #10 - With LF step to outside of attacker's foot, with RH knife block to punch then grab with your RH and RF roundhouse kick to stomach then with RF sweep and LH punch to face.

5. Self-Defense - #9 & #10

  • #9 - Opposite side elbow grab - LH palm coming over attacker's hand and grabbing, turning clockwise, RH knife hand and pushing down with wrist on attacker's forearm, RH sliding down attacker's R forearm, grabbing wrist, LH out to in knife hand to elbow area.
  • #10 - Both hands grabbing elbows - see #8

6. Free-Sparring Good Control

7. Breaking Technqiue- Roundhouse kick

8. General Knowledge

  • To say "Hello, How are you?" in Korean is "An Young Ha Shim Neeka".
  • To say "Good-bye" in Korean is "An Young E K Ship Sheeo"


    "A winner sees an answer for every problem. A loser sees a problem in every answer."


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